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What is Hemp Extract?

Why Hemp Extract?

Stress and Anxiety

Hemp Extract can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, as well as hinder depressive experiences by increasing the levels of positive hormones and neurotransmitters in the body.

Enhanced Mood

For individuals who need assistance with insomnia, interrupted sleep, post-traumatic stress disorder or other stress sleep issues, Hemp Extract can help. 

Chronic Pain

Hemp Extract is recommended for chronic pain of all kinds. Hemp Extract disrupts the pain in the body and causes a release of compounds that can ease discomfort and pain, even if pain medicine has no effect. 

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

I love this company, NuPharma. They have the absolute best pricing and quality that I have found. I’ve been using CBD for a while and just can’t sleep without it. My anxiety has eased up tremendously. I recommend any of NuPharma’s products to everyone!! I have SLE Lupus, anxiety, cognitive decline, and many other disorders. These help with them all. Thanks!!

Oceanlady - Amazon Verified Customer

Awesome!!!! I suffer from anxiety and depression along with fibromyalgia. This product doesn’t take away the pain, but, does help me relax.

Janice P

I've had bouts of insomnia my entire adult life and I deal with chronic pain. I take two of these capsules a half hour before bedtime and I'm sleeping through the night. 7 hours. No drowsy after effects, no side effects. They're truly helpful!


These gummies have been like magical they have help my dog Brody not have seizures
thank you from the bottom of my heart....

Michael Caplin

I have difficulty sleeping. I have anxiety issues. And I have bad knees and degenerative disc disease. The CBD Gummies have helped me achieve a comfort in my sleep that I haven't had in years. I am able to sleep for longer periods of time and that helps my overall outlook during the day. Although it hasn't helped so much with the pain, the ability to sleep comfortably has contributed to a much better outlook. Thank you !!!

Harry G. Webb

Why Buy Nupharma?

Introducing Hemp extract products into your daily life can have a profound positive impact. Some of the most commonly reported benefits are joint and muscle support, pain relief, and sleep aid among others. There is growing popularity of using Hemp products as a substitute for prescription medications and being turned on to the benefits Hemp Extract brings.

NuPharma follow the entire process meticulously from growing, cultivating, manufacturing and distribution. We pride ourselves in being a leader in the industry.